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Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-off Games Top Prizes Remaining

ScratchSmarter pulls all of this data from the Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch-off game pages to create this free report. This report makes it easier for you to make sure they games you play still have a top prize remaining!  This data is pulled from the Pennsylvania Lottery every day! Search by Price, Game Name, Game Number and Prizes remaining to help you pick your next Scratch-off game!

$1Golden Egg64.64157412/06/2022
$1Lucky X584.67159012/06/2022
$1Oh, Snap54.51149012/06/2022
$1Hot Ticket24.58153412/06/2022
$1Loaded with $20s14.53150912/06/2022
$1Boo Buck$24.64154412/06/2022
$12 for $124.68151912/06/2022
$1Shamrock Green24.67156912/06/2022
$1Gnome for the Holidays34.57155412/06/2022
$1Fast Ca$h24.56155812/06/2022
$1Bee Lucky14.54152912/06/2022
$1CLOVER ALL OVER04.51150412/06/2022
$1Perfect Match04.55156412/06/2022
$1Wild Win04.6152412/06/2022
$1Double Match04.6149412/06/2022
$10The Instant Lottery103.66158612/06/2022
$10$50, $100 or $50010.4989.12157612/06/2022
$10Snow Much Fun43.63155012/06/2022
$10$500,000 Mega Crossword23.58149212/06/2022
$10WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET43.68154012/06/2022
$10$500,000 Crossword Mania63.66155612/06/2022
$10$50 or $1007.1788.11146112/06/2022
$10THE WIZARD OF OZ43.74156512/06/2022
$10Show Me $500,00013.74153112/06/2022
$10Win Win Win03.71150112/06/2022
$10$1,000 Dreamin'03.8152012/06/2022
$10MONOPOLY 50X03.85151112/06/2022
$10MONOPOLY 50X03.85154612/06/2022
$2Find $5094.41158912/06/2022
$2Multiplier Mania84.3158412/06/2022
$2$20,000 Lucky Win54.38157912/06/2022
$2Money Roll34.44150812/06/2022
$2Ca$h Incline74.44153912/06/2022
$2Electric 8s24.51147912/06/2022
$2Monster Money44.41154312/06/2022
$2Scoop Up Some Cash64.44152812/06/2022
$2Cash Kringle34.39148912/06/2022
$2My Lucky Valentine44.31156312/06/2022
$2Scratch and Match34.39146912/06/2022
$2Cash Craze34.44151812/06/2022
$2Leprechaun Loot34.26156812/06/2022
$2O'Lucky Coin24.45150312/06/2022
$2Bonus Buck$24.4153312/06/2022
$2My Best Life14.65142012/06/2022
$2Gingerbread Dough24.32155312/06/2022
$20$1,000,000 Cash King33.48157012/06/2022
$20$1 Million The Price Is Right43.75158012/06/2022
$20$1,000,000 Extreme Cash13.25146612/06/2022
$20Feelin' Like a Million Bucks13.13152512/06/2022
$20Mining for Millions13.22151512/06/2022
$20$1,000,000 Merry Money13.29148512/06/2022
$20$1,000,000 Merry and Bright23.22154912/06/2022
$20$1,000,000 Power Payday23.46156012/06/2022
$20$1,000,000 Extreme Green03.11153512/06/2022
$20Millionaire Maker03.21150512/06/2022
$3$50,000 Count Up74.16157212/06/2022
$3Lucky Stars84.15158312/06/2022
$3Bolt Bucks34.54151712/06/2022
$3Rocket Crossword13.92141912/06/2022
$3Naughty or Nice54.26155212/06/2022
$3Color Block Crossword24.21150712/06/2022
$3Lucky Horseshoe54.24147812/06/2022
$3Triple 33344.34152712/06/2022
$3High Voltage Bingo64.04153812/06/2022
$3Santa's Workshop34.21148812/06/2022
$3Flamingo Bingo14.2145712/06/2022
$3Hot & Cold Numbers34.3146812/06/2022
$3Top Dollar Cro$$word54.2156212/06/2022
$3Wild Ca$h Multiplier34.11149812/06/2022
$30My Three Million42.87157512/06/2022
$30$3 Million Limited13.12143212/06/2022
$30$3 Million Xtreme Tripler52.86155512/06/2022
$30$3,000,000 Payout22.85153012/06/2022
$30MONOPOLY 100X22.86154512/06/2022
$30MONOPOLY 100X02.86151012/06/2022
$30$3 Million Extravaganza02.96149112/06/2022
$5The Best Dad Ever74.03158212/06/2022
$5Bonus Money84.08158112/06/2022
$5Hello 5054.19157112/06/2022
$5Cash Craze Double Doubler74.12157812/06/2022
$5The Best Mom Ever34.03157712/06/2022
$5Red Hot Blowout84.36158812/06/2022
$5$500 Cash Money14.58149312/06/2022
$5Love 2 Win33.97156112/06/2022
$5Best Mother Ever14.05151212/06/2022
$5All About the Benjamins64.16155712/06/2022
$5The Hunt for Cash44.15152212/06/2022
$5On the Money44.02153212/06/2022
$5Crossword X-tra54.04153712/06/2022
$5Bigger Money Bingo24.03152112/06/2022
$5Digging for Treasure44.08152612/06/2022
$5The Money Game14.12151612/06/2022
$5Solid Gold24.07153612/06/2022
$5Holiday Gifts13.96148712/06/2022
$5Ho Ho Whole Lotta $500s14.09155112/06/2022
$5Four Leaf Fortune14.05156712/06/2022
$5White Hot Winnings03.92149612/06/2022
$5MONOPOLY 20X03.98151312/06/2022
$5Jack-O-Lantern Jackpot03.98154112/06/2022
$5MONOPOLY 20X03.98154712/06/2022
$5Terrific 10s04150612/06/2022
$50$5 Million Money Maker43.69155912/06/2022

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