SmartScraper is the Worlds BEST tool for Instant Lottery Tickets!

SmartScraper Instant Lottery Tool


Do you like to play Instant Lottery Tickets?

 We have THE TOOL for you!

SmartScraper Image

The SmartScraper is
the Best Tool
specifically designed to scratch off instant tickets!

It works on ALL instant lottery tickets!


It’s 100% Stainless Steel

-It won’t rust

-It won’t bend


Each tool is LASER CUT with a precision edge, so it won’t damage your ticket

 (No more sharp edges from a random coin ruining your winning ticket!)


The long smooth edge allows you to scrape-off large areas of your ticket all at once!

And, the non-slip labels on the front and back gives you the perfect grip every time you use it!


Its the perfect size to fit on your key chain (1.5″ x 1.7″)

 so you’ll always have it whenever you need it!

SmartScraper w Quarter


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